José García Gutiérrez played sublimely … his is a rich, sensuous and beautiful tone.

(Victoria International Arts Festival 2018)

José García Gutiérrez displayed masterful control of the demands the work makes, both musically and technically … This was a performance that will be remembered for its sensitivity, musicality and polish.

(VIAF Recital 2014)

It was very pleasant to listen to José unfold his absolute technique with his fist gently controlling the horn, flesh and metal in complete empathy.

(The Sunday Times 2004)

Displaying perfect synchronisation and understanding, the performance flowed naturally and the musicians (José García Gutiérrez / pianist Philip Walsh) found no difficulty at all adapting and changing styles when this was requested of them. Such high-calibre performances are hard to come by but when they do come along they are simply wonderful.

(VIAF Recital 2012)

José García Gutiérrez delighted the audience with his wonderful tone – one that is fully rounded, flexible and even at both ends of the tonal spectrum.

(VIAF Recital 2013)

I hate singling out people in an orchestral concert … but I cannot help mention the fantastic horn solo by José García Gutiérrez in the second movement (Tchaikovsky 5). It was one of those moments that make an evening special.

(Times of Malta 2013)

He received a standing ovation for his extraordinary rendering and unique sound on this difficult instrument.

(The Sunday Times 2004)

In José García Gutiérrez we were privileged to have a most excellent and musical performer … he gave an extraordinarily moving interpretation – the singing quality, profound depth of feeling which was, however, never sentimentalised, was truly commendable.

(VIAF Recital 2016)