Soliloquies by Joseph Vella was specifically dedicated to Jose
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“Soliloquies”, a work dedicated to José. It is also included in a different CD (Volume 3) of the same series.

The three monologues, Scherzando, Liberamente, Alla Marcia are very taxing on the ability of the player. They not only hover around the extreme registers of the horn, but also require mastery in the way of phrasing and over-all technique. The first soliloquy bounces along dance-like with its triplet subdivisions, while the second imparts a feeling of introspection and reflection. The third rounds up the piece with an assertive alla marcia theme.

Artist: José García Gutiérrez (horn)
Label: Volume 11 of JOSEPH VELLA's Chamber Works
Release Date: 01/01/2015
Genre: Classical